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Terms and Conditions

You are hereby authorizing ClothingLabels4U.com  to debit the above-mentioned credit card for all fees for the products and  services that you  have purchased from  Clothing Labels 4U.com

    You understand and agree that should you dispute the above credit charge  through my credit card issuer or credit provider, it will constitute a   breach of contract as well as credit card fraud. You have included your info as per your credit card, bill to , ship to addresses, name as it appears   and your security code .

You understand that this information will be used  for the purpose of verification for the credit card. Your Credit Card bill line item will say Clothing Labels 4U.com

  By Checking you are  agreeing and submitting your payment, You acknowledge acceptance of  these Terms of Service.
You also agree to waive any charge-back rights and  in the event of a dispute, requests for cancellation must be submitted via email  to  Lisa@ClothingLabels4U.com